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Knowing how to identify and examine internal fire doors may just conserve your life. Luckily, a fire door is reasonably simple to determine thanks to particular inform tale signs. In the event of a fire, knowing that you can depend on a minimum of thirty minutes of fire resistance delivers assurance and enables you to create a fire escape strategy.

The five action fire door check

When you're attempting to recognize a fire door, follow this basic 5 action check:



Utilize your phone's selfie video camera to look for certification labels or plugs. These are normally found on the top of the door, or occasionally to the side. If you can't find any labels, check the ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΠΥΡΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ status of the doors with the manufacturer.


Utilize your phone's selfie cam to look for accreditation labels or plugs. These are typically found on the top of the door, or periodically to the side. If you can't find any labels, examine the status of the doors with the manufacturer.


An intumescent strip is made from product that performs heat inadequately and will swell on contact with heat. This provides an exceptionally safe seal against smoke and flames which can't go through any fractures in the door. If no seal is visible or you can spot seals however they're harmed, take proper action to have them made safe.


There should be at least 3 hinges, all securely screwed into location. If screws are missing out on or broken then the hinges may malfunction and stop the door from functioning effectively. An improperly preserved fire door is also most likely to fail in the event of fire.


Now open the door a couple of inches and let go. It should close by itself and latch securely. Check whether it sticks or scrapes on the floor or the door frame. Fire doors that are wedged open or will not close securely are useless in the event of a fire so make sure that every partΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΠΥΡΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ of the closing mechanism remains in great working order.

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